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So what can we do for you?

We will build a customized cleaning program that meets your business’ needs. All work will be inspected to guarantee quality.100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Why We Are The Best Choice For Auto Dealership Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City

A clean auto dealership makes a strong first impression, which is crucial for attracting and retaining customers in Salt Lake City. At Global Janitorial Services, we excel in keeping your dealership spotless from top to bottom, helping you shine in a competitive market. Our team uses the best tools and eco-friendly practices to ensure your spaces look welcoming and professional. Trust us to handle the cleanliness of your dealership, where every detail counts towards making a lasting impression. Let us help you keep your dealership looking its best, because a clean business is good business.

1. Auto Dealership Cleaning Services with the Complete Package

A successful car dealership is one that makes a good first impression. Part of that is having a lot filled with nice and affordable vehicles. The other part is having a building that is spotless. A poorly cleaned and maintained office building can easily turn away potential customers. Investing in commercial cleaning services is an investment in the future of your dealership here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our goal is to keep your business clean so that customers want to be there. Don’t make the mistake of trusting your dealership cleaning to any average cleaning company. We are a business that specializes in auto dealership cleaning services. We understand the industry, the buildings, and what it takes to keep them in pristine condition. We can guarantee that your offices and your showrooms leave a good first impression on everyone who sees them.

2. The Best Tools In The Business here in Salt Lake City

We understand that there’s more than one way to clean a show floor. There’s more than one way to leave a bathroom spotless. And there’s more than one way to leave an office smelling fresh and clean. But there’s only one “best” way to do each of these jobs. In many cases, it comes down to having the best tools in the business. Unlike some companies, we aren’t married to the tools that we purchased when the business started. We make upgrades as soon as we are able. This allows us to stay ahead of the competition in terms of efficiency, speed, and overall performance. We have the safest and most efficient tools for capturing dirt, dust, grime, germs, and everything else in between. In this day and age, there’s no need to sacrifice eco-friendly choices for high-efficiency. We are able to employ both of these concepts. Our tools and cleaning supplies are not only the best in the industry but they are safe for the environment and safe for people. This is important when cleaning a facility that is frequently used by the public. It’s also important for your company’s image. The public can never question your dedication to the environment based on your cleaning supplies or techniques.

3. From Ceilings To Floors

Why invest in a cleaning company that will only clean part of your facility? Our auto dealership cleaning services will tackle every inch of your establishment from the floor to the ceiling. This includes carpets, walls, windows, and even the ceiling itself. You’ll have no need to waste time or money with a separate cleaning service that specializes in one area or another. Some companies even struggle cleaning only one of these areas. Even among floors, there are various types and materials that need to be considered. Only then can the right tools and cleaning supplies be chosen. There is no “one size fits all” cleaning methods for any room. When you work with an average cleaning company you risk having them damage your surfaces because they don’t understand how to work with certain materials.

4. The Best Professionals In The Business

We’ve already covered our use of the best tools and supplies, but that is only half of the battle. The best tools in the world would be useless if the person handling them wasn’t properly trained. We offer the complete package by combining the best tools with the best professionals in the business. Every employee that we hire brings something new and exciting to the business. Working with a company that offers auto dealership cleaning services requires a significant amount of trust. You are trusting that we hire employees who know what they are doing. Even more so, you’re trusting that we have hired employees who are really good at their job. We can guarantee that our cleaning experts are more than just “good at their job”. They are the best in the business. You can trust our brand just as your customers can trust you. We strive to be the best in a competitive market just as your auto dealership does. We can’t do that by cutting corners, using low-quality materials, or by hiring employees who aren’t up to par. In order to be the best overall, we have to be the best in every way possible.

5. Extend The Lifespan Of Your Floors And Save Money

Auto dealership cleaning services may seem like an expense, but in reality, it is a smart investment. And not only because of how it will have a positive effect on your customers. When you hire a professional cleaning service that understands how to properly clean and maintain a floor you are extending the lifespan of that floor. This is very important in a business like an auto dealership where there is a lot of foot traffic indoors. The cost of replacing flooring is very substantial. By letting us clean and maintain your floor on a regular basis you can extend its lifespan by many years. That’s possibly hundreds or thousands of dollars that you’ll save in comparison.

6. Enjoy Your New Office Smell

You’re probably very familiar with the new car smell. When you work with our auto dealership cleaning services you can also enjoy that new office smell. Each time you enter the building after we’ve finished you’ll feel as though you’re entering a brand new facility. That’s our high-quality service guarantee.

So what can we do for you?

  • We will build a customized cleaning program that meets your business’ needs.
  • We will build a customized cleaning program that meets your business’ needs.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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